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In our rapidly changing healthcare system, I have seen many people who struggle to obtain healthcare even if they have insurance. Many have high deductibles that they must reach prior to utilizing their insurance. Many more are still uninsured.


I wanted to give people another option, so I opened my practice:  Caring Center.  I offer excellent healthcare that is the best care for your dollar. I will greet you at the door, obtain your medical history, give you a physical exam, order your labs/imaging/medications, and will call you with the results. I approach each patient with wellness in mind.


I am Geraldine Stile-Killian, a family nurse practitioner who is also certified in advanced diabetes management. I have been working in the field of nursing for over 30 years. My experience includes labor and delivery, neonatal nursing, school nursing, women’s health, community health primary care, wellness, weight loss management and specialization in diabetes management.


While I treasured my time as a nurse I have always wanted to offer personalized care via my own practice.  In 2007 I obtained my Family Nurse Practitioner degree through the George Mason University/George Washington University Medical School collaborative Nurse Practitioner program. Since then, I have cared for patients while working in various locations; patients from all stages of life, newborn through the elderly.


For fun I enjoy walking/hiking, water aerobics, dancing, knitting, and hanging out with my mother, children, and grandbabies.


My Story

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